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Solutions for Medical Equipment Maintenance in Houston, TX

When patient health is on the line, you need equipment you can trust. A huge part of making sure you’re ready for treatment is keeping up with medical equipment maintenance in Houston, TX. That can be a tall order, though, with increasingly complex devices requiring expert assistance to inspect and upkeep. At Unique BioMedical Services, we make that process a little easier. Partnering with trusted OEM and medical vendors, we provide help with equipment anywhere it’s needed. Plus, we have the expertise to lend a hand with in-depth inspections.

Stay Confident with Full Checks

Applying the right medical equipment services first requires an accurate understanding of what your gear needs. That’s why we make it easy to handle inspections of all kinds. Contact our team today for help with:

  • Electrical Safety Tests (EST) — Keep important electronics from becoming a hazard by checking wiring and battery systems.
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) — Fix problems before they happen. When we see an opportunity for preventative work, we take the chance to reduce risk down the line.
  • Calibration (CAL) — Accuracy is everything in medical care. Make sure any readings you get or treatments you apply work as intended.
  • Initial Inspections (II) — Start off with confidence by inspecting new equipment for any potential defects.
Medical Equipment Maintenance in Houston, TX